Eclipse pendant
Eclipse pendant
Copper Constellation
Eclipse pendant - chain measures 18" and has a circles toggle clasp. The patinated cup vaires in size and position.
Copper Constellation (also avialable as eclipse constellation) A vairety of circles, discs, circles, hollow forms and beads create this stricking neckpiece
3 cup pendant
3 cup
Chunky Square
3 cup pendant - also available as 5 cup. patinated silver cups highlight this rectangular hammered silver pendant (approx 5cm long)
Chunky square pendant on 20" chunky chain with toggle clasp
Semi-precious stone set pendants. All approx 1cm wide and 5cm long. The stones are 6mm semi-precious cabochons set in a gold bezel.
circles chain buttons chain buttons blue chain clearbutton pendant toggle clasp
26" circles chain - the silver circles are joined together to make the circles motif (with occasional brass highlights) Also available as 18" chain
Italian glass buttons are spectical set in silver on 26" chain. Unique
A single italian glass button set as a pendant on nylon coated wire with circles toggle clasp.
An example of the 'circles toggle clasp' These all vary as they are individually made
spheres chain circles pendant      
Spheres necklace - 26" chain with circles formed into spheres.
Lots of circles all joined together on an 18" circles chain.
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