SheapKnits and SheapKnit Kits


In my other life I design and knit rather scrummy SheapKnit characters. They are all made using 100% British Yarns and Wool. Even the stuffing is British wool. All of the yarns are supplied by Blacker Yarns whose eco credentials and support for local farmers is an inspiration. Each of the characters are available to buy in kit form (they make great gifts).

You can keep up with developments, see new designs and all of your feedback on my special SheapKnits Blog.


Chicken - known to her friends as Florence
This is Buttercup
BaarBaara also has a cousin who is a black sheep (yet to be photographed)
Dazy - feels a little bit 'magic roundabout'
Frog - the first and my favourite SheapKnit.


If you'd like to buy a SheapKnit Kit then do contact me - I can generally get them in the post by receipt of payment. Oh that reminds me - the kits are all £30. In each kit you'll get all of the pure british wool and yarn that you'll need to knit your creation along with a pair of bamboo knitting needles, sewing needles and any other required felt and/or fabrics. If you'd like any more info please do ask or have a look at